We have listed our most frequently asked questions below. However if you have any other questions please call Keith on 0412 774 421

Q. Do you work out of hours?
A. We are flexible to our customers needs
Q. How quick can the work be completed?

A. We try to meet the customers requirements but sometimes weather and environmental issues can cause delays. We fully discuss this with you as part of your quote as well as keeping you informed

Q. Is there anything we can do before you arrive for a quote?

A. Have an idea of coours, brands, go to local paint shop etc

Q. How often should my house be painted? ....why?

A. Genrally between 5-10yrs for both inside and outside. This keeps property low maintenance

Q. What type of painting do you do?

A. Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

Q. As part of the quote can you recommend colours etc?

A. We can always help you in colour selections and we do have colour samples that we bring along as part of the quote

Q. What happens when I want you to come out to look at the job?

A. We will organise a time suitable for you to come out and measure up the job to give you a competitive price. I will then go away and write up a quote for you